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Web site (phase 1 & 2) ~ Moorfields Eye Hospital

Paola Kathuria @ Limitless


[Original home page, 1996]
Moorfields Eye Hospital, 1996

We designed, built and maintained the first web site for Moorfields Eye Hospital for three years from 1996.

The site began with information on courses, teaching and research; it eventually grew to 10 times its original size before it was redesigned and redeveloped.

We led the second phase redesign process and constructed the new site before handing over maintenance to Limitless. Moorfields relaunched the web site in 2002.

Phase 1

Working with a very small budget, the Moorfields web site started as a handful of pages in 1996. We based the design on colours and photos from annual reports and then added new content from Moorfields to the site.

[Footer breadcrumbs]
Location breadcrumbs in page footers in 1996

Although the design was quite basic, it contained navigational features which are popular today, such as location breadcrumbs.

[Original Eye Care News, 1997]
Original Eye Care News for GPs, added 1997

The site began with just information for practioners but soon began to attract enquiries from people all over the world needing specialist eye treatment. The site had also grown several times, and it was becoming difficult to accommodate new content in the original site structure.

With the unexpected number of enquiries for private care from around the world, Moorfields agreed to have the site redesigned, restructured and redeveloped.

Phase 2

[New structure]
Phase 2 site structure, 1999

We met with Moorfields to discuss and agree the requirements of the new web site and a new site structure was developed. It included much more patient information and information about individual consultants.

[New home page, 1999]
Redesigned home page, 1999 (graphic design by Denison Design)

We worked closely with Denison Design, who created the visual style of the new site and produced the site graphics. Denison devised an eye shape for section graphics, which were colour-coded.

[New About page, 1999]
Redesigned About page, 1999 (graphic design by Denison Design)

The section colour was repeated in the other navigational elements, in the page heading and on the contents page.

We created templates and a Perl script to process the course registration form on the site. Course information was edited by a separate delimited text file and without needing to know any HTML or editing any web pages.

[skip to the end of this list of contents]

Moorfields Web Site Maintenance Manual & Style Guide Contents

Access Details

Directory set-up

House Style

  • Web page structure
  • Page structure
  • Colour coding
  • Current section
  • Background
  • General
  • Page titles
  • Link text
  • E-mail addresses & URLs
  • Phone and fax numbers
  • Special characters
  • Filename conventions for web pages & images



  • Process
  • Back-up
  • Site contents

Adding level 3 pages

Adding level 4+ pages

Course form

  • Components
  • The form
  • Page templates
  • Maintaining the course list
  • Data files

Page list

- end of list of contents -

Maintenance manual & style guide

After the new site had been completed, we prepared a 17-page maintenance manual and style guide.

[Pages from the manual]
Pages from the 17-page web site maintenance manual and style guide

The style guide detailed the page layout and illustrated how tables were used to create pages. It also gave step-by-step instructions for regular changes such as adding new pages and updating the online course form.

[House style: section colours]
The section colours were detailed in a written style guide

Moorfields continued to expand their web site since it was relaunched in 1999 - it was relaunched in 2002.