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Paola Kathuria
Frank Wales
Clients with several projects
Oxford University Press (1997-2005)
Redesign of OED Online
Redesign of OED marketing site
General & technical consultancy
Redesign of OED Online Help
OED Online Tour
OED marketing site
OED Online prototype
@ Limitless Innovations (2000-2003)
Berry Bros. & Rudd
One World Telecom
Scott Morrison Photography
Gratis & personal projects
Paolability Jewellery
Windsor Half Marathon
Psychology of Programming Interest Group
InetUK Usenet FAQ
Other sites by Paola
@ Limitless (1995-1999)
SilverPlatter Health & Safety Publishing
Institute of Physics Publishing
EU & UK ISP surveys
New Millennium Experience
Moorfields Eye Hospital
Ace Records
Embassy of Japan
Reuters Insurance Information Services
IBM Global Networks
Barclays Bank BarclayNet
Sainsbury's Wine Direct
@ Zengrange (1984-1990)
HP-41 Emulator for HP-48
Technical services


This section of our web site documents the projects of Paola Kathuria and Frank Wales during their careers where they played a major role.

Below are the the projects we're the most proud of.

fingers & tongues

Paola Kathuria

Limitless Innovations

Feb 2014-Oct 2014

Paola used the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, to raise funds to edit and print her book of short stories. Along the way, she learnt Audacity to record and edit voice, iMovie to make the campaign video, Sigil to create e-books and InDesign to create the cover and text files for printing.

The Big Picture - hotels.com

Paola Kathuria

Limitless Innovations

Aug 2011-Mar 2012

As an information architect, Paola created a UX strategy to reduce unneccessary variation in the hotels.com user interface. She audited the web site to identify, categorise, reduce, name and document the user interface in order to improve the user experience and to speed up future design and development. more

Various BBC projects

Frank Wales & Paola Kathuria

Limitless Innovations


In 2006 and 2007 we submitted ideas to the BBC Innovations Labs that were short-listed and eventually commissioned.

Frank developed RSScatcher, software to archive the BBC's RSS feeds in an XML database, and TweetStore, a publicly-available archive of the BBC's hundreds of Twitter feeds. more

Various OED-related projects @ OUP

Paola Kathuria & Frank Wales

Limitless & Limitless Innovations


OED Online prototype In March 1997, Oxford University Press (OUP) asked us to construct a "publisher's dummy", a web site to prototype possible features and functionality of an online version of the Oxford English Dictionary. The resulting scripted prototype was then taken by OUP to a series of focus group workshops at libraries across the US for market testing. more

Oxford English Dictionary marketing web site We developed the OED web site prior to the launch of OED Online. The site was to provide general information about the dictionary and promote the online version. more

OED Online Tour We designed and built the web-based tour of OED Online. more

Redesign of OED Online Help During the beta review of OED Online in 2000, we implemented user-interface changes to the Help pages. more

General & technical consultancy We worked with OUP as general and technical advisers for the OED Online project; we provided both long-term advice and support to the development team, and helped OUP with a variety of design and deployment tasks during the design phase of the project. more

Oxford English Dictionary web site redesign In early 2003, Oxford University Press asked us to help reorganise, redesign and redevelop the public area of oed.com, the web site for the Oxford English Dictionary. more

Redesign of OED Online Following the success of our 2003 redesign of the public pages at the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) web site, Oxford University Press (OUP) hired us to apply the design to in 2005. more

In addition, we created the web pages to accompany the Balderdash & Piffle series in 2006 and 2007.

the-racehorse.com ~ Harbury Media

Paola Kathuria & Frank Wales

Limitless Innovations


In early 2006, we built an online racing magazine web site for Harbury Media Ltd. We used the Drupal content management system so that we could meet a tight deadline coinciding with a major racing event.

In 2009, we built the Stallion Statistics Database. It is based on race results, sales results and stallion nomination fee data from many sources. The data is imported, validated, standardised and inter-connected so that we can show a stallion's performance over time. more

Sainsbury's Wine Direct



Limitless's first project was to build the first online store for Sainsbury's, a major British retailer, and to do it from scratch in a matter of days. more

BarclayNet web site ~ Barclays Bank

Paola Kathuria & Frank Wales



In 1995, Limitless got together with a marketing company and its design arm - Denison Design - to design and build BarclayNet - for Barclays Bank personal and business customers. more

Graphical reporting system @ Seagram

Paola Kathuria

ArcGlade [contract]


Paola found an innovative way to generate coloured charts in Omnis at a time when no tools existed for creating graphical reports with Omnis. She also designed and built an ad-hoc reporting system using the Marketing Planning System using Omnis and Sybase. more

EU & UK ISP surveys

Paola Kathuria & Frank Wales



We provided a research report on UK ISPs to a public telecommunications company who wanted a list of recommended Internet service providers to consider for investment in the UK. We also designed and ran a web-based survery of ISPs in the UK and central Europe. more

New product development ~ Cybersport

Frank Wales



Frank built a proof-of-concept for Cybersport to see if it was possible to have online shared participation in fitness and sporting events. He then designed a robust and efficient protocol for co-ordinating several rowing machines connected to PCs via dial-up access to the Internet. more

HP-41 Emulator for HP 48 @ Hewlett-Packard

Frank Wales



Frank was the technical lead to design and develop Hewlett-Packard's HP-41CV Emulator module for the HP 48. He also implemented core features such as the execution engine, the program and data parser and many of the lower-level functions that were critical to the product's performance and stability. more

Technical consultant @ Hewlett-Packard

Frank Wales

ArcGlade [contract]


Frank worked as a member of Hewlett-Packard's Professional Services Organisation, which provides consulting services to HP's major account customers.

He was a member of the Associate Programme operated by Hewlett-Packard's Professional Services Organisation, their consultancy service aimed at meeting the needs of their largest customers. more