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Web site ~ New Millennium Experience

Limitless formed a consortium with with longitude0 and Denison Design and won a 40-way pitch to design and build the official web site for the New Millennium Experience.

At this time - in 1997 - the building had been designed but the experience inside had not. The site structure that Paola had put together for the proposal was chosen as the structure to launch the site with.

Denison Design hired extra design staff to provide a number of design routes. Paola advised Denison on the navigation design by providing some rules to maximise way-finding.

  • each main section has its own colour
  • the section colour is applied to all headings and decorative graphics within the section
  • each main section has its own graphic
  • global and navigation link graphics have selected & unselected states

The chosen design featured different coloured shapes which opened up to reveal their contents, each relevant to the site section. Denison also created individual graphics for the sub-section pages.

The Experience section
global link graphics
unselected selected

The Experience
section graphic & local navigation
above page heading

The Experience » The Dome
sub-section graphic & local navigation

The third part of the consortium - longitude0 - provided administration services. Paola wrote the specifications and estimates and managed the updates.

An early version of the web site included an interactive game that Limitless designed and built. Users had to ask themed questions correctly to reveal an animated image.

Home page (1998)

Section home page - The Experience

Sub-section page - The Dome

Section home page - UK Programme

Section home page - Greenwich Local Information

Section home page - The New Millennium Experience Company

Section home page - Press Office