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About us

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This web site documents the work of Paola Kathuria and Frank Wales. We have worked in the computer industry since the mid 1980s and have worked as Internet developers and consultants since 1995.


Between us, we have have spent over forty years developing software, creating web sites and related services, managing computer networks, and advising businesses on all of the above, and more. This is backed up by degrees in computer science and psychology, and research experience.


We helped Sainsbury's to become the first major UK retailer to sell online, we helped bring the Oxford English Dictionary to the web, and we invented the subsequently-patented technology that lets people exercise together over the net.


Limitless Innovations is our second Internet company. We were two of the four founders of Limitless in 1995 and worked there for five years. Much of our internet experience was gained with Limitless, who continue to build and host complex and dynamic web sites.