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About Limitless & ArcGlade

Limitless Innovations is the trading name of ArcGlade Services Ltd.

Limitless is the trading name of Limitless Internet Solutions, formerly Limitless Technical Dimensions Ltd.

What is ArcGlade?

ArcGlade Services Ltd was formed by Frank Wales and Paola Kathuria in 1991 to provide computing and Internet services.

Since 2000, ArcGlade has traded as Limitless Innovations.

What's the relationship between ArcGlade and Limitless Innovations?

ArcGlade and Limitless Innovations are the same company.

In Britain, a company is allowed to have a trading name that's different from its registered name, and ArcGlade Services Ltd uses the trading name of Limitless Innovations (Doing Business As is the U.S. equivalent). We did this, rather than just create a new company, to maintain continuity of business relationships, and to provide a trading history.

Aren't you Limitless?

We're not the company Limitless, although we still work with them and some of their clients from time to time.

Why do you mention them so much, then?

Limitless get mentioned a lot in projects because we did much of the work in it while a part of Limitless.

What's your involvement with Limitless?

We co-founded Limitless in 1995 with Julian and Nicky Perry, and operated it with them until the end of 1999, during which time Frank was Managing Director.

Our first project was building Wine Direct for Sainsbury's from scratch in just two weeks, in order to beat one of their rivals.

In 1999, we decided to split the company along service lines, with Limitless Innovations taking the majority of consulting work, while Limitless kept the development and hosting work. Because of our continuing friendly relationship with Limitless and their clients, our two companies still work together from time to time.

What do Limitless do?

Limitless develop and host complex web sites and online services, some of them out of the public eye.

[Limitless Internet Solutions]

For more information, visit their web site.