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Why the name Limitless Innovations?

Limitless Innovations is a spin-off from Limitless Technical Dimensions Ltd (trading as Limitless).

To help maintain continuity in the relationships with our joint clients, we all agreed that the new company would use the Limitless name and logo.


1995: Julian & Nicky Perry, Frank Wales & Paola Kathuria form Limitless

[Limitless Technical Dimensions Ltd]

1999: Frank Wales & Paola Kathuria leave Limitless to trade as Limitless Innovations

Limitless Innovations ~ Internet Consultants

2001: Limitless is bought by the T&D Group » T&D Limitless Web

[T and D Limitless Web Ltd]

2006: Julian & Nicky buy the company back from T&D Group » Limitless Internet Solutions

[Limitless Internet Solutions]

Limitless was formed by Frank and Paola with Julian and Nicky Perry in April 1995 to provide web site development and hosting services to business and corporate clients.

Frank and Paola left Limitless in December 1999 to concentrate on consultancy, whilst Limitless continues with web site development and hosting.

Limitless was bought by T&D Group Ltd, a Swiss company, in 2001 and became T&D Limitless Web Ltd.

In 2006, Jules and Nicky bought the company back and renamed it Limitless Internet Solutions, keeping the Limitless trading name.

Limitless Innovations

Limitless Innovations is a trading name of ArcGlade Services Ltd, which was formed by Frank and Paola in 1991. We also considered other names, including Limitless Wit 'n' Wisdom.

Why "Limitless"?

When starting our first Internet company in 1995, we needed a company with the initials LTD as we wanted the domain ltd.co.uk so that hosted companies could be at something like acme.ltd.co.uk

"Limitless Technical Dimensions" was one of the first names someone thought of; we also came up with things like Little Technical Dungeon and Launch the Dream but we decided to stay with the earlier idea; Limitless soon became the trading name.

Unfornately, little companies weren't given three-letter domains at that time and so we registered limitless.co.uk

Limitless Innovations and Limitless are separate companies.

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