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Other colour resources

This is a list of colour articles and resources at other web sites that I have found interesting or useful when I was researcghing colour on screens.

  • Eric Meyer's Color Blender, a JavaScript colour blender distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 1.0 License.
  • Pixy's Color Scheme Designer is a JavaScript resource that has similar features to the Colour Selector but with the advantage of immediate feedback from direct manipulation controls.
  • Cameron Adams's Technicolor experiment, a cute JavaScript direct-manipulation interface to colour elements in a representation of a web page.
  • Hans Le Roy's ColorMatch Remix, a JavaScript slider interface to create swatches.
  • Color Scheme Online create colour schemes interactively with options to lighten and darken schemes.
  • Joe Gillespie's Web Page Design for Designers "is aimed at people who are already involved with design and typography for conventional print and want to explore the possibilities of this new electronic medium."
  • Victor Engel's The Browser Safe Palette is the first resource I found on the browser-safe palette. I don't think it's been updated much since 1996.
  • Bob Stein's VisiBone makes the 216 palette available in various layouts as downloadable palettes, references cards, posters and the like. There's also an on-line resource to view colours in a test page and an editable history of viewed colours.
  • YoYo Design's Color Picker - you choose background and text colours and then choose which colour vision deficiency to simulate.
  • efg's General Color Information is a big page of colour links.
  • Causes of Color - Why are things colored?, a nicely-designed online exhibit about colour.
  • CSS Color Chart, neutrals and general colour charts.
  • colordb, the color database.
  • ColorMatch Remix, a free colour-matching tool.
  • ColorBlender, a free online tool for colour-matching and palette design.
  • Color Palette Generator, generates colour palettes based on an image (by URL).
  • Accessibility Color Wheel, is a tool to "help in the choice of a color pair, for instance to write a web page. For the sake of accessibility the text and background color of a site should be clear also to people who have not a perfect vision."
  • Munsell Palette, based on how people perceive colours.
  • 4096 Color Wheel, "those 4096 colors composed of any three pairs of identical hexadeximal digits (0-9 and a-f), such as #dd1188".
  • Infohound Color Schemer, is a "simple tool to help you experiment with various color schemes for your next web or print project."